The volunteer experience will change your life and the lives of the people you serve for the better. Thank you for your unselfish commitment to be a part of a team that changes lives.

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Mentorship Program

Be a positive influence on a client in our program!

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We have daily shifts for Meal Services, Thrift Store, and more!

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Court-Ordered Community Service

*Note: If you sign up for volunteer shifts through VolunteerHub, they WILL NOT count towards your mandated hours. No exceptions.

Volunteer Testimonials

[Volunteer] and it will positively impact your perspective on a lot of things that are important — society, people, and life… Sincere human connections and a sense of community are what the LVRM has offered me, which gives me a sense of belonging and made me feel more whole as a person.

~ Ryan T.

Want to share your volunteer story?

I love the interaction with everyone — both volunteers and homeless. Just smiling and thanking them for being there seems to make them smile… I actually look forward to my volunteer days and miss it if I can’t attend. Wonderful, positive, and good Christians!

~ Eric M.

Volunteer FAQ’s

What is the time commitment to volunteer at LVRM?

Depending on the area that you serve will determine the length of time that will be needed; opportunities range from 2 hours to half or full day; the average shift is 2-hours.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Thrift Store Shifts (age 14+); Kitchen Shifts (age 16+); *unless otherwise stated during registration for an opportunity,

Minors aged 14–15 MUST be with a supervising adult at all times, who also needs to register for the same shift. Aside from our Kitchen shifts, minors aged 16-17 may volunteer on their own if they have a vehicle that remains on campus during service or they are with another volunteer 16+ who has a vehicle on campus.

Are there requirements regarding appropriate attire to join the volunteer team?

LVRM is a recovery-based Christian ministry, so we ask that each volunteer have closed-toe shoes for safety and clothing be of modest nature. We ask that pants and appropriate shirts be worn (no tank tops). See the PDF form below.

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