The volunteer experience will change your life and the lives of the people you serve for the better. Thank you for your unselfish commitment to be a part of a team that changes lives.

Be Part of the Team

Volunteering at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

We have daily shifts for Meal Services, Thrift Store, and more!  Individuals and groups are welcome!

If you want to sign up a group or have a questions, please contact Hannah Guenthoer @ volunteer@vegasrescue.org or call 702-382-1765.

To create a profile and View/Sign up on our volunteer calendar, click below!  All details of the shifts are provided here, along with the necessary waivers required for each volunteer to complete.

(These shifts are not for court ordered community service)

Court Ordered Community Service

There is a mandatory orientation you will need to attend to get all the information required to complete your hours. That orientation is held on a Tuesday at 8am sharp! No sign up is required.  If you arrive late you will not be allowed in and will have to come back the following Tuesday.  When arriving at the front gate please tell them you are here for “Court Ordered Community Service Orientation”.  Please note that service hours can only be completed Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 12pm.

Minimum age for completing court ordered community service hours is 18+.

Court Ordered Community Service Office – communityservice@vegasrescue.org or 725-910-8339 (call and leave a voicemail or text)

If you email or call, there will be an auto response confirming the details stated above.  Due to the high volume of emails and calls, please expect a delay in a response to questions.  If your question is in regards to the above provided information, a response will not be given.

*Note: If you sign up for volunteer shifts through VolunteerHub, they WILL NOT count towards your mandated court ordered community service hours. No exceptions.

Volunteer Testimonials

[Volunteer] and it will positively impact your perspective on a lot of things that are important — society, people, and life… Sincere human connections and a sense of community are what the LVRM has offered me, which gives me a sense of belonging and made me feel more whole as a person.

~ Ryan T.

Have feedback on your volunteer experience?

I love the interaction with everyone — both volunteers and homeless. Just smiling and thanking them for being there seems to make them smile… I actually look forward to my volunteer days and miss it if I can’t attend. Wonderful, positive, and good Christians!

~ Eric M.

Volunteer FAQ’s

What is the time commitment to volunteer at LVRM?

Depending on the area that you serve will determine the length of time that will be needed; opportunities range from 2 hours to half or full day; the average shift is 2-hours.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Thrift Store Shifts (age 14+); Kitchen Shifts (age 16+); *unless otherwise stated during registration for an opportunity,

Minors aged 14–15 MUST be with a supervising adult at all times, who also needs to register for the same shift. Aside from our Kitchen shifts, minors aged 16-17 may volunteer on their own if they have a vehicle that remains on campus during service or they are with another volunteer 16+ who has a vehicle on campus.

Are there requirements regarding appropriate attire to join the volunteer team?

LVRM is a recovery-based Christian ministry, so we ask that each volunteer have closed-toe shoes for safety and clothing be of modest nature. We ask that pants and appropriate shirts be worn (no tank tops). See the PDF form below.

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