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Prayer Requests

Please ask Jesus to not only help me with my pain, but to also pray for Lois, Erica & Faye in their medical & emotional needs.
-Susan R.
Pray for my son who is out there homeless.
Prayers for personal growth and job-based blessings.
For my sister and boys to get along.
-Nancy S.
Pray for my son’s breakthrough, my friends with cancer and my breakthrough.
-Janet W.
Please pray for the victims of hate crimes and discrimination.
-Dell G.
Pray that I gain more energy to get healthy.
-Christina K.
Salvation for lost family members.
-Barbara L.
Prayers for the Varsalona, Fleming and Razziona families & friends.
-Vincent V.
Please pray that my wife, my children and grandchildren will have a closer and better relationship with Jesus and pray for our country.
Please pray for me to have patience during this eye treatment and also prayer for the healing from this condition, that it helps regain the total sight in my left eye.
-Guy R.
Please pray I am healed of stomach problems and bad daily pain.
-James S.
Please pray for us all.
-Lauren S.
To help heal a friend who has cancer and pray for their family.
-Sharon O.
Please pray for Walter and I for relief of physical pain and ailments.
-Sharon P.
Please pray for my daughter.
-Audrey M.
Prayers for the hungry & lonely.
-Maria C.
Please pray for Susie.
-Albert G.
Continue for my to find the positives in life.
Prayers for my mother, that she continues to strive at her job and finds more happiness in her life.
Prayers for good health.
-Karen N.
Please pray for my family not to get COVID-19.
-Sally L.
Pray for Maria, she had a stroke and is still recovering.
-Marlene H.
Pray for my friends and I as we grow up during this pandemic.
Pray for John & Helen.
-Janelle J.
Prayers for Sean.
-Sandra E.
Please pray for our country.
-Billy K.
Please pray for Barry, for his recovery.
-Stella C.
Please pray for Nick and Kathy to get along.
-Nancy S.
Please pray for Jan.
-David R.
Pray for the homeless.
-John W.
Mark and his dear wife Pat.
-Jeffrey C.
For the Burgess family.
-Sharon L.
Pray that I continue to have joy, favor and legal protection as I help minister to the poor.
-Haven H.
Healing for my lungs, cancer and inner peace.
Pray for the healing of a hiatal hernia and my high blood pressure.
-Mary C.
I would like prayer for physical healing, especially in my lungs and my knee. I fractured my knee several months ago and still have pain.
-Yvonne Y.
I would like for your help to pray for my rental assistance.
-April K.
Please pray that we are blessed with a healthy baby.
Family healing and restoration.
For the health and safety of people around the world suffering from the pandemic.
For strength to deal with my personal insecurities and anxieties in these trying times and for help to accept my imperfections.
-Christopher G.
Please pray for Gwen.
-Arlene D.
That God would allow me to go back to being a banquet bartender very soon!
-Terry M.
Please pray for Christian’s deliverance from drugs.
-Courtney M.
Please pray that my husband would come to know the Lord in a mighty way. That our sons would return to following Jesus.
CCSD students & teachers.
-Anne B.
Healing of my mom’s knee and elbow from a fall.
-Joan C.
I need clarity if we are supposed to do this business venture with friends. A lot is at risk and I do not want to squander our money.
For Linda and Laura may there health continue to improve in Jesus name.
-Robert C.
Please pray for mine and my husbands health and for my Son Steve to turn his heart to God and his teachings.
-Carol A.
For peace, harmony and love in our family, and renewed faith in God.
-Kathleen G.
Pray for our Senators, that they will stand for Jesus and stand for righteousness.
-Mike A.
Our daughter is suffering from bipolar. She won’t see us. Please pray she will get better and come back to the family.
-Ruthie K.
Please pray for me.
-Pansi M.
Please pray for me. I would like to be treated with value and respect as a teacher. I teach Spanish and I am often treated like I don’t matter.
Pray for healing for my wife’s right leg, right hand and arm.
-Gregory S.
Please pray that my son and his family will accept Jesus Christ as their savior.
-Rose B.
A prayer for my brother who is fighting cancer.
Bless the family of my niece who passed from covid19.
-Dan D.
Please pray for my son, Kenny, who has a brain injury.
-Linda F.
Praying for you all today! Pray for us that God would continue to lead us as a new family and make lights in the workplace and neighborhood.
Please pray for my mother.
Pray for my son JJ that he comes home from China soon.
-Lisa S.
I ask for prayer for my granddaughter and finances.
-Grace T.
I have been unemployed since August 2020 due to Covid issue. I need a job and resources to continue to pay my bills, make my tithes and give to needy.
-Lori F.
Please pray for my son, Samuel, to get healed from his back, neck, and depression.
-Victor R.
Healing for my husband who is battling cancer.
-Galyn S.
Pray for our country especially during this pandemic period and for an end to the violence perpetrated on one another.
-Joseph P.
Prayers for my family.
-Leonard R.
Pray for my daughter who has just been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Her name is Heather.
-Donna M.
I wanna pray that the lord will have a good man enter my life & I wanna pray for Axel my ex.
-Whitney B.
Please pray that my upcoming surgery and recovery is successful so that I can once again be 100% healthy.
I would like to request that you pray for my dear friend and children, as well as the worlds peace.
I need the lord to be with my sister Bella. Asking the holy spirit to come in her life and let her know she’s good enough & so beautiful. Pray for my family’s joy.
-Whitney B.
Prayer for everyone to love their neighbor as they love their self.
My wife Jo Ann and I are having many health issues and would like prayer.
-Willard C.
God would work in my son’s life and give him a job.
Please help my wife and I to have a healthy child together! Please also help us to be loving, kind, safe, and healthy. Please help me to get a good job.
-Jordan A.
Pray for the world.
I would simply request prayer for my marriage.
-Arvid B.
Healing for my digestive tract and healing for Peter’s neurological problems. Salvation for all those in my family who are in need.
Pray for my grandson’s vision. Pray for all the sick.
-Cheryl J.
I am the caregiver of my mom, who suffers from anxiety and depression. I would greatly appreciate prayer for her.
Ask God’s blessing, strength, and comfort for my son Jeremiah who is currently deployed.
-Douglas H.
I need to get back to a focused, dedicated relationship with Jesus. My faith in him is strong, but I’m starting to question many other things.
-Amanda D.
For salvation of Kirk, Kip & Dylan. May God bless you.
-Colene S.
Please pray to solve my money problem and court issue that’s soon.
Family protection. May God continue to shine his grace upon my children, grandson and myself blessing us with good health and freedom from angst.
Good health and that I can continue to send a few dollars to help when I can.
-Melvin H.
Health for all.
For my husband, daughters, grandchildren & sons in law be saved.
-Pandora R.
Pray to get rid of thoughts and to have mental peace and happiness.
Reconciliation of broken friendship where my friend has betrayed me and she took me to court and it was cancelled.
My marriage and our six children.
-Rob A.
Please pray for my sisters Rosie & Arlene.
-Linda M.
I ask you to pray for the healing of Franco’s back.
-Laura P.
Please pray to Father God to protect our country, and expel enemy spies in Jesus name amen.
I come to you again asking for prayer. Please pray for my complete healing. I need it.
-Marin V.
Analee, Teresa & Dan who are all suffering with cancer.
-Michael P.
My son Gerardo.
-Martha L.
Please pray for our nation that we can return to God’s grace.
-Edmund G.
All who suffer in any way, all life is precious.
-Elizabeth R.
Prayers for Mary.
-Leonard B.
All Covid-19 patients.
-Anne R.
Healing in my foot, hip & leg; diagnosed as arthritis so the pain makes it hard to stand & walk.
-Eileen F.
Please pray for healing for my mother, she was admitted to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia and low sodium.
-Grace M.
Please pray to ease the suffering of our daughter.
-Joyce R.
I’m asking for prayers for my mental health as well as, getting approved for section 8.
-Brandi K.
Peace here in Vegas and the world.
-Thomas K.
Physical strength.
-Peggy R.
Please pray for my health and my continued happiness.
Please pray for my whole body to heal.
-Marin V.
Please pray for my son Matthew, he is struggling with emotional issues.
-Colleen P.
Please pray for Linda’s stroke recovery.
-Bill C.
Prayers for Susie.
-Albert G.
Prayer for sister Jackson and Eakins.
-Sharon K.
I just want a job and its been so hard not working and it gets me very depressed and its been hard and I need a prayer.
I been having a hard time finding a job and being let go from my old job has been a struggle. I just need a prayer about that.
I have sinned many times betraying my customers in the construction business.
-Brad G.
Watch over the community you’re creating in the heart of the the mission.
-Andrew W.
Pray that the children are comfortable back in Iowa.
Please pray for the people with COV19 and the ones trying to get the vaccine.
-Dell G.
For world peace.
-Zishan L.
I want God’s favor on my results and want God to protect my Ante nurse to help me gain admission in nursing.
-Emmanuella A.
I pray that the Lord would bless me with a good stable job and I also need prayer in my personal life and to have a stronger walk with Christ.
Friendship with Jaqueline.
-Gi L.
For our son to surrender and seek help from LVRM!
-Suzette L.
Pray for me, I have doubts about my therapist.
Please pray for the people you are helping & that the virus goes away.
-LaSonia D.
Pray that I continue to grow in faith closer in God’s word.
-Michael P.
Praying for a new and better start and healthy family. Asking that everything comes together and protection for me and my family.
-Charmayne H.
Please pray for our finances and salvation for the kid and grandkids.
-Dorothy C.
Prayer for Katie and her family.
Help with surgery.
-Margaret S.
Please pray for the entire Haggerty family.
Prayer for everyone and our country.
-Loretta M.
Tony and Luis.
-Ronny S.
Prayer for Marty.
-Thomas M.
Since recent I have been interested in a Christian called Evan. Please pray God will guide me and give me clarity whether this is the life partner.
-Anne H.
Please pray for the community of animal friends and the shelter to successfully promote and rescue 5 cats in risk of euthanasia.
I pray that a light will shine down my career path to lead me where I should go.
The soul of Thomas.
-Valerie R.
My son Gerardo.
-Martha L.
Please pray for my health issues and good outcome for a upcoming event.
Please pray for my complete healing.
-Marin V.
Joni – for salvation, deliverance from anger, bitterness, and a self-centered attitude. Pray for her to treat her husband with respect and love.
-Ashley T.
Please pray that the individual residing on my street repents of his sins.
Please pray for Jacal, Chanel and for me.
-Charlene B.
Please pray for those who are not accepted by their families.
-Guadalupe R.
Please pray for all the homeless and LVRM for helping them.
-Alejandro A.
For a closer walk with the Lord and to read more of God’s word.
-Michael P.
Honest distribution of resources by all Christ serving 501c’s.
-Richard F.
Please pray that I get my job back. I was dismissed because of poor judgement of a supervisor. I respect this person and don’t have any hard feelings.
-David P.
Please pray for Thida.
-William A.
Please pray for the homeless.
-John W.
My brother Clifford who passed on 1-18-21 & his wife Annette who passed on 12-23-20 & their families.
-Audrey M.
Robert who has stage 4 oral cancer.
Jennifer L.
Alicia, Sam, Raphael and Jen.
-Jen S.
Please pray for my dog Reko to get adopted.
Please pray for my dad Tom. Pray that every cancer cell in his body is cast out & destroyed and for him to be woken from his coma.
-Veronica W.
Please pray for Laban who is in hospital with Cov-19 and pneumonia.
Asking for strength wisdom courage as well as for god to move in my life like never before, I surrender all of me and am ready to do what he called me to do.
Please pray for Sarah who has breast cancer to be healed and saved if truly not (God knows truly). She only has a few months left to live.
Please pray that this individual residing in the same street as I am very soon repents of his sins including those associated with this individual.
Please pray for me. I have had a lot of grief in both the workplace and personal life and I really need some deliverance.
Heavenly Father, please help Henry and I reconnect and reconvene our relationship with both of us holding hands and having you be the leader.
Please pray for my health and healing of my illness, I need a miracle.
Please pray for my mom who is dealing with multiple myeloma at a young age and getting ready for the big surgery and high dose chemo.
-Shenay B.
I want prayer because I am trying to complete my Doctorate. I need to focus, but I get distracted.
-Grace B.
Please pray that my husband stops divorce proceedings. Please pray that his heart is softened and for our family to be back together.
Pray for my girlfriend, I’m worried about her.
-Mathew W.
I need prayer for health, child custody, peace, protection and Gods favor.
Prayer for my brother’s soul to progress and advance into the next world. His life was devoted to helping others and the homeless.
Pray that everyone can be vaccinated for COVID, peace and love to my family and the world.
-Janet R.
Requesting prayer, for my dear friend, Makenzie. Pray for the restoration of their relationship.
-Remmy V.
Pray that Dr. Andrea will be guided by the Holy Spirit to discern the will of God in her life.
-Trevor L.
Prayers for my disabled daughter.
-Ava G.
Please pray for my body to heal.
-Marin V.
I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many problems.
-Andy L.
Please pray that a future court issue is urgently resolved.
Please pray for the end of the character assassination against myself by my family. Please pray that God reveals the truth.
-Nathan P.
Please pray for a cure regarding my colon cancer and lymphoma.
-Rosario N.
Please pray that I achieve my lifelong goals! Pray that my family and everyone around me stays safe and healthy.
Please pray for my son.
-Marilyn G.
Please pray for the Abad family, my mom, our siblings, friends & relatives.
-Louie A.