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Prayer Requests

Pray for my girlfriend, I’m worried about her.
-Mathew W.
I need prayer for health, child custody, peace, protection and Gods favor.
Prayer for my brother’s soul to progress and advance into the next world. His life was devoted to helping others and the homeless.
Pray that everyone can be vaccinated for COVID, peace and love to my family and the world.
-Janet R.
Requesting prayer, for my dear friend, Makenzie. Pray for the restoration of their relationship.
-Remmy V.
Pray that Dr. Andrea will be guided by the Holy Spirit to discern the will of God in her life.
-Trevor L.
Prayers for my disabled daughter.
-Ava G.
Please pray for my body to heal.
-Marin V.
I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many problems.
-Andy L.
Please pray that a future court issue is urgently resolved.
Please pray for the end of the character assassination against myself by my family. Please pray that God reveals the truth.
-Nathan P.
Please pray for a cure regarding my colon cancer and lymphoma.
-Rosario N.
Please pray that I achieve my lifelong goals! Pray that my family and everyone around me stays safe and healthy.
Please pray for my son.
-Marilyn G.
Please pray for the Abad family, my mom, our siblings, friends & relatives.
-Louie A.