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Shelter of Hope

Help For Those Who Need It

Shelter Intake

Self or Non-Medical Agency Referrals

For individual persons looking to obtain services, who ARE NOT coming directly from a medical type facility; you are required to:

  • Complete take a rapid test during intake, before admittance.

For individual persons looking to obtain services, who ARE coming directly coming from a medical type facility; you are required to:

  • Show proof of a rapid result within 24 hours.

If testing positive for COVID-19 you will be:

  • Referred to an appropriate isolation/quarantine facility for a time frame specified by that facility and will be allowed to return after

Important Information

Intake is daily, Monday through Sunday at 3:00pm (with the line opening at 2:30pm) and at 6:00pm (after the evening meal).
We operate on a first come first served basis ONLY.

Before arriving

For individual persons looking to obtain services, Shelter or Recovery, if you have used alcohol or drug within the past 24-48 hours PLEASE seek out medical care first. Nearby you have local hospitals, WestCare Withdrawal Management, or CrossRoads. You may also contact your insurance provider for additional care. Once you are medically cleared, work with the staff at the facility to arrange transportation to us.

We will take in:

  • Single men
  • Single women
  • Single fathers
  • Single mothers
  • Intact families:  This can be any make up i.e. spouses, grandparents, aunts/uncles etc.   As long as you identify as a family you will be considered as one unit.

Shelter Schedule & Rules

  • Meals will be provided daily, along with all basic needs such as hygiene, clothing etc.
    • Breakfast is 6:30am to 7:30am
    • Dinner is 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • All guests must leave the property during the day.
    • Singles will need to depart by 7:30am.
    • Families will need to depart by 8:00am.
    • All personal items need to be taken with you during the day and you can only return at the designated intake times i.e. 3pm and 6pm
  • Emergency Shelter is a 14 night stay for single, and 30 day stay for those with children
  • Minimal personal items will be allowed on property i.e. no stuffed animals, blankets, pillows etc.
    • All such items can be stored during the duration of your overnight stay.
  • Staff will review with guests, all rules and COVID protocols we have in place.

For questions please contact:

Shelters and Programs


Single men: Dormitory with 96 beds.

Fathers with children: 12 beds designated for single fathers is available.

Other Programs:

1. 30, 60, and 90 day extended stay is offered for individuals and families to get back into independent living

2. Teens In Action Course: Prevention course for teens 10-19 teaching important life skills while helping them understand the dangers of risky behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse.

3. Active Parenting of Teens: For parents, helping them with the skills needed to use effective communication and teach responsibility with their children


Single women: Dormitory setting with a capacity of 68 beds.

Intact families: Designated rooms, with bunks and cribs for a total of 30 individuals, when available.

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