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“My Life’s Completely Turned Around”

How Patrick found healing and recovery through a caring community. (From The Beacon)

“I Didn’t Want Anybody to Know”

After becoming homeless, Tamera found a safe haven with your help. (From The Beacon)

When Carefully Laid Plans Unravel

How Richard found renewed strength through a caring community. (From The Beacon)

Crossing the Country To Start Over

Dolores got sober and discovered a fresh start, with your help. (From The Beacon)

Taking Detours While Chasing Dreams

How Maria and her family started over, through the grace of God. (From The Beacon)

A Sense of Security

Brian was devastated when he wife left him. Soon, he started to spiral. (From The Beacon)

“I Need To Get Help”

Tenisha was abused by her mother, an addict. Soon, addiction had her, too. (From The Beacon)

Follow That Light

Thomas and his son were stunned to find out they were being evicted, just days before last Christmas. (From The Beacon)

A Desire To Serve

Ray discovered the help he needed through a desire to serve others. (From The Beacon)

In Search of a Father’s Love

Mark resisted coming to the Mission for a long time, but God had other plans. (From The Beacon)

Never Too Late

How Sesar finally found peace and hope. (From The Beacon)

No Problem?

Edward thought he had his addictions under control. He was wrong. (From The Beacon)

“Such a Relief”

After years on the run from violence and strife, Nicole’s family found a safe haven. (From The Beacon)

Facing His Fears

Emmitt tried running, but couldn’t escape the clutches of drug addiction. (From The Beacon)

“It Was Humbling”

Living on the street since his teens, Sam was in a downward spiral. (From The Beacon)

“My Own Resurrection”

Caitlin needed a second chance after drug abuse landed her in jail. (From The Beacon)

No More Running

Overcome by the Mission’s love, Tiffany chose to stay with us and face her issues. (From The Beacon)

“To Just Love on People”

Pastor Daniel, our chaplain, says it’s his top priority. (From The Beacon)

“Blessed by the Best!”

See how your kindness helped Jay in his road to recovery. (From The Beacon)

“They Saved Me”

At the Mission and off the streets, Leonard found a reason to live. (From The Beacon)

From Homeless to Ivy Leaguer!

Check out how the Rescue Mission became a part of this student’s new exciting chapter — college at an Ivy League! (From A LVRM Guest)

When Alcohol Consumes You

Antoine lost everything to excessive drinking. But you helped him find a new start. (From The Beacon)

“My Own Worst Enemy”

Garfield was facing prison before you helped him turn his life around here at the Mission. (From The Beacon)

Dying Twice Gets Your Attention

Darrell’s excessive drinking nearly killed him. But then you came to his rescue. (From The Beacon)

Headfirst Into Oblivion

Eric had lost all hope . . . till your love welcomed him to the Mission. (From The Beacon)

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