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The Las Vegas Rescue Mission residential recovery program is for men and women with life-controlling addictions who want to make a positive life change. The focus of the program is on recovery, rehabilitation, and preparation for a return to productive living through the power and love of Jesus Christ. We offer this at no cost to those who have no income as a way to get off the streets to a safe environment where all their physical needs are provided for, so they can focus all their attention on recovery and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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We ask our residents to commit to a one-year recovery program, but may stay for an extended period of time based on the individual's needs and progress. We have the ability to house about 100 residents at the Mission. Women stay in the Shelter of Hope and men stay in the New Life Center throughout their recovery.

Entry into the Las Vegas Rescue Mission recovery program is based on available space and a demonstrated willingness, by the potential client, to abide by all Mission rules and show a serious commitment to their recovery. Space is limited at the Mission, so we can only take people who truly want to change their lives to become responsible and productive citizens.

Upon entry into our recovery program, residents are required to actively pursue recovery. To this end, the Mission provides a wide array of required recovery classes. The number of classes they must attend is based on the individual's needs, but usually includes: four recovery classes, three bible studies, and two chapel services each week. In addition, each resident is assigned a case manager that they must meet with once a week to evaluate their recovery progress.

In order for the Mission to provide other services for the homeless in the community, and to provide a more structured environment, residents are assigned various daily duties around the Mission. This might include such duties as food preparation, security, cleaning, and other jobs vital to the daily operation of the Mission. We, at the Mission, refer to this as "work therapy" since it gets our residents back in the habit of working everyday and prepares them for their eventual return to productive living.

Once a resident completes certain requirements, and are ready, they are given the tools they need to find employment outside the Mission. There are employment search training classes and job placement assistant services at the Mission to help our residents live independently and interact effectively with society. While employed they can remain a resident for a period of time, if that is their desire.

The Las Vegas Resue Mission has a responsibility to our donors and the community as a whole to make this work, and we try very hard to produce meaningful results. We believe, through the grace of God, that it can and does work for any person.

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Recovery Program Commencement Group

Recovery Program Commencement Group

Recovery Program Commencement Group

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