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"Serving with us will help change thousands of lives,
and we're pretty sure, it will also change yours"

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Volunteer Opportunities
For more information about volunteering at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, please call Marcus Badgett at (702) 382-1766 x1249 or email volunteer@vegasrescue.org
Opportunities to serve with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission are listed below. Each area has a unique skill set, but all can be accomplished by an individual or group of people with the HEARTS to serve. Since we realize that people are passionate about various things, we have a wide selection of areas to choose from to find the perfect fit to serve.
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Volunteers can serve in the area their HEARTS lead.
  • Assist with serving the evening meal to the homeless
  • Help Build Hygiene Kits to be distributed
  • Help Distribute Food, Water, and other Items to Those on the Street
  • Collect Items to Distribute to those in Need

  • Teach GED Classes
  • Computer Training Classes
  • Assist with Chapel Service
  • Facilitate a Resume Workshop

  • Seek Donations From Your Church or Place of Business
  • Organize Friends to Serve
  • Aid with Special Events

  • Facilitate a Recovery Class
  • Mentor a Resident in Recovery

  • Drive a Resident to Church
  • Drive a Resident to Medical, Legal, or Social Service Appointments
  • Drive a Resident to Job Interview

  • Help with Landscaping
  • Help with Campus Beautification
  • Volunteer in the Thrift Store
  • Help sort and Count Donations
  • Pray for the Mission
  • Assist with the Thrift Store’s Hygiene Giveaway
  • Assist with the Distribution of Food to Needy Families

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Volunteers are vital at the Mission
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24 minute documentary on the work of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission - as seen on Christian broadcasting networks across the country
Radical Generations

Nevada State Bank Partnership

Las Vegas Rugby Academy

Luxor Volunteers

Feeding the Hungry Volunteers