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"Serving with us will help change thousands of lives,
and we're pretty sure, it will also change yours"

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The Las Vegas Rescue Mission was founded in 1970 by a group of six businessmen who had a burden to help those who were homeless and hungry. Together, they secured a tiny storefront at 414 West Bonanza Road. By God's grace, they provided sandwiches and drinks, along with mats and blankets for men to eat and sleep away from the elements.

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Pastor Ed Compton
Ed Compton - unveils plans for the new women's family shelter from a newspaper article.

Today, the Rescue Mission is composed of various buildings, taking up two city blocks near downtown Las Vegas. We have added a shelter for women and children, a playground, a thrift store, and a shelter for men, including a section for single fathers with children. We now serve approximately 30,000 meals a month.

Chapel Construction
New chapel / administrative building under construction in 1991.

Throughout its history, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission has provided these services to all people without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age, gender, religion or disability. For those persons needing counseling or medical attention beyond the scope of the Mission's capabilities, the appropriate agencies are contacted for assistance.

The Mission stands as a beacon of hope. Through effective, innovative Christian recovery programs, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission provides a path for those who want to escape the despair of the streets. We continue to add, update and/or change programs to meet the needs of men, women and children in an everchanging society.

Early Kitchen
Very early photo of Ed Compton and staff opening much needed donations of beef.

As a nonprofit Christian organization, the Mission receives no government or United Way support, with the exception of a small grant specifically for food. We rely solely upon the contributions and support of concerned individuals, churches, corporations and other organizations. Our ministry is not just men's, women's or children's work, or shelter, or chapel or counseling or outreach. It is a ministry of the church of Jesus Christ to people who have both physical and spiritual needs. We bring together many churches for the purpose of ministry. We are not outside the church, but an extension of the church.

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Over 40 years serving Las Vegas
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24 minute documentary on the work of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission - as seen on Christian broadcasting networks across the country